Memory Care at Caruth Haven Court

Providing professional memory care services in a dignified, upscale setting.

Come discover an environment where the fusion of superior care quality and genuine kindness and compassion results in a resident-friendly setting that’s simply unlike any other in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

At Caruth Haven Court, warm and inviting residences and common areas, beautiful dining rooms, and multi-function recreation spaces provide the creature comforts. Healthy, chef-prepared meals, and daily events and activities are designed to satisfy the body and stimulate the mind.

However, it’s the personalized care administered by our uniquely trained team members that really sets Caruth Haven Court apart from other memory care providers.

The memory care team at Caruth Haven Court possesses uncommon knowledge and understanding of cognitive diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s, and the impact these afflictions may have on individuals and their entire family. The result of this knowledge and dedication is an overall living and care experience that can empower your loved one to lead a fuller, friendlier and more social lifestyle.

Realize greater lifestyle quality through the unique combination of:

  • Independence, confidence, and self-esteem
  • Fun and engagement through purpose-driven activities
  • Cultivating friendships and a strong sense of belonging
  • Nutrient-rich dining with personalized mealtime assistance…and much more

To learn more about memory care programs at Caruth Haven Court, please contact a Senior Lifestyle Counselor by calling 214.302.9990 or completing and submitting the form below:


Memory Care Program: An Exploration of Discovery

Discover Independence, Confidence and Self-Esteem by:

  • Celebrating each small success one at a time
  • Encouraging active participation in all activities of daily living
  • Focusing on strengths rather than limitations
  • Promoting physical exercise, stimulating mental activity, and helping to maintain social and religious contacts

Discover Dining Delights by:

  • Providing nutrient-dense gourmet meals to promote overall good health
  • Encouraging active participation in dining with assistance provided as needed
  • Serving meals in a calm and quiet environment at the same time each day allowing residents to focus on eating
  • Providing “Food on the Run” for residents whom are no longer able to focus on mealtime or frequently wander

Discover Fun and Engaging Activities by:

  • Providing purpose-driven activities in small groups or on a one-to-one basis
  • Gearing activities to residents’ present abilities and time of day
  • Providing activities that are noncompetitive, failure-free, and age appropriate
  • Planning activities that match residents’ attention span

Discover Friendships and Belonging by:

  • Providing active participation and support in personal care activities to maintain maximum sense of control and independence
  • Promoting personal care activities because they define how a person is personally perceived by their peers, family and friends
  • Encouraging work/productive activities to provide a sense of personal success and worth
  • Providing play/leisure activity to promote friendships and pleasure

For more information on our Memory Care program and to experience “A Day in the Life” of one of our residents, please contact a Senior Lifestyle Counselor. It would be our pleasure to speak with you about your loved one's personal lifestyle needs.

Caruth Haven Court


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Enjoy the Advantages of Transparent, All-Inclusive Pricing

Accurately budget for living expenses each month without any costly surprises or additional charges for meals or provided care services. Caruth Haven Court features all-inclusive pricing for memory care residents, so you get all the benefit of 24-hour nursing and personal care services without paying more for them. It’s just another way we aim to help seniors and their families navigate the challenges that can emerge when facilitating care on behalf of a loved one with cognitive impairment.