Is it possible to bring a pet into a senior living community? Many senior living communities welcome residents who have pets, such as dogs and cats. Retirees looking for a pet friendly senior living community in the Dallas area need not look any further than Caruth Haven Court.

About Our Pet Friendly senior living community

As the demand for pet-friendly senior living facilities grows, a growing number of senior living communities welcome residents who have animal friends. Likewise, Caruth Haven Court realizes the advantages that pets bring to our residents. We have a pet therapy program, also known as a community pet program, that allows seniors to have animal companionship without the price and labor of feeding, exercising, and grooming. This service includes providing therapy dogs and having a community pet that residents can spend time with whenever they choose.

Benefits of Having a Pet Friendly senior living community

Pet ownership may provide older adults with a plethora of unexpected benefits. For starters, research suggests that older individuals who own a dog walk an additional 22 minutes per day than those who do not own a dog, and pets are also employed in therapeutic approaches to aid older adults suffering from mental illness or dementia. Pets and animal therapy can help with socializing. While having a pet does not reduce the rate of cognitive loss, it can aid with symptom management. Dogs, cats, and other pets improve the health of their elderly owners by reducing blood pressure and keeping elders occupied caring for their loving animal friends. At Caruth Haven Court, we strive to keep our residents as healthy and happy as possible. This is why we often accept dogs and some other pets, which help battle the depression and loneliness that frequently accompany old age.

When Should You Consider Moving into a senior living community?

Moving into a senior living community not only helps people deal with day-to-day activities, but it also helps family members relieve stress. A senior living community is a wonderful option for those who want to live independently while still getting help when necessary. When you or a loved one need these services, it is time to consider moving into a senior living community:

  • Assistance in bathing and showering in a safe setting
  • Assistance in personal hygiene
  • Monitoring of medication intake
  • Assistance with walking and daily mobility
  • Planning of meals
  • Assistance with dressing
  • Monitoring of nutrition intake and diet
  • Assistance with feeding
  • Assistance with bathroom use

Why Choose Caruth Haven Court for Senior Living?

Caruth Haven Court residents can expect the best in professional health and wellness care. We have a full calendar of social events and wellness activities to keep you active and your mind engaged. You will discover that our resident-centered approach is precisely what you are searching for, with all of the facilities and services you require right on-site. Moreover, as a pet friendly community, you can feel right at home at Caruth Haven Court with the company of your beloved pets.

To learn more about living in Caruth Haven Court, contact us or call us at 214.308.0083 today.