Caruth Haven Court is your one-stop solution for a living community for your loved ones. With a wide range of amenities for your loved ones, you can be rest assured they will be well taken care of, regardless of whether they require assisted living or independent living. Some services that we provide include 24-hour nursing for people who may require more medical assistance on a daily basis, whether it’s medication or medical services. This is because your loved ones may require daily supervision and receive urgent treatment when there is a need to. At Caruth Haven Court, we provide the best 24-hour nursing home.

About 24-Hour Nursing for Senior Living

Our 24-hour nursing service provides full-time nursing support for your loved ones. As your loved ones may require personalized care, it’s important that they receive the best kind of service. With our 24-hour nursing service, they have access to 24-hour nurses providing routine medical supervision. Our 24-hour nursing service also provides daily medication service to ensure your loved ones consume the right medication of the right dosage to prevent over-dosage or under-dosage. Our 24-hour nursing care also provides routine care for your loved ones if they are suffering from dementia as they are trained and experienced in regulating their moods if there is an emotional outburst.

Benefits of Having 24-Hour Nursing in Your Senior Living Community

There are many benefits of having 24-hour nursing care in your living community. For starters, 24-hour nursing service provides constant medication supervision and distribution, ensuring your loved ones do not suffer from over-dosage or under-dosage which may aggravate existing medical conditions. It also lowers the risk of falls which can be quite common with your loved ones. In addition, 24-hour nursing ensures that your loved ones are not dehydrated as dehydration is a typical problem with people of that age. This lowers the risk of other problems, such as fainting and so on.

If your loved ones have an existing medical condition, they will need access to medical supervision to ensure that medical care can be extended to them in an emergency. They will also have access to medical personnel in the event an undiagnosed medical condition acts up while they are in the living community, providing an additional medical buffer.

In the event your loved ones are suffering from dementia, you can rest assured that our 24-hour nursing service can meet their needs. As people with Alzheimer’s disease, such as dementia are prone to agitation due to memory loss or losing their sense of time and space, our 24-hour nursing staff can calm and reassure them, improving their life quality.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

If you are looking for a living community that provides 24-hour nursing care, this is the place for you. With our dedicated staff, you can be assured your loved one’s medical needs will be met with the best supervision and service.

Why Choose Caruth Haven Court for Senior Living?

At Caruth Haven Court, we have a team of 24-hour nursing staff that is highly experienced. With their medical expertise, they can ensure your loved ones enjoy a higher quality of life while enjoying the fellowship of other residents.

To learn more about living in Caruth Haven Court, contact us or call us at 214.308.0083 today.