Caruth Haven Court in DallasCaruth Haven Court in Dallas, TX offers assisted living and memory care apartment homes for rent. Here you will find a family-oriented atmosphere with team members who will assist you in every way they can to make your retirement days fulfilling and bright. You’ll enjoy a strong connection of belonging and trust, and a lifestyle that encourages growth, learning, happiness, and health. And the best part of choosing to live with us at Caruth Haven Court is you’ll never have to worry about maintenance, housekeeping, transportation, and cooking. After all, your time is better spent doing the more enjoyable activities you love and cherish.

At Caruth Haven Court everything is included in one monthly fee. That means no more mortgage payment, property taxes, yard care, maintenance fees, housekeeping costs, and the list goes on and on. Imagine enjoying a wonderful stress-free lifestyle where you can take advantage of exceptional care from a dedicated team of caring professionals available 24 hours a day.

Our Senior Living Options

While you and your family may have visited other senior assisted living homes in the past, we take pride at Caruth Haven Court in providing a place where seniors have access to a rich, active social life. Our living options all offer activities calendars and include Sensations restaurant-style dining services.

We offer the following residential senior living options:

Assisted Living

Caruth Haven Court residents who require extra assistance to complete daily activities in their homes will thrive in our assisted living option. You are still in charge of your day-to-day activities in assisted living. If you need us, we’ll be close by. If organizing your pillbox is getting in the way of your social life, assisted living can help.

SHINE® Memory Care

For residents dealing with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, this community offers a safe, holistic, and gentle learning-centered environment. Here residents’ health is closely monitored and comfort is our top priority. SHINE® delivers personalized memory care based on a person’s individual needs and life experiences. Each of our team members receives comprehensive SHINE® training and has fulfilled certification requirements. Memory care nursing homes nationwide are adopting our program, and it’s easy to see why.

Dallas Senior Living Options

The senior living options we offer at Caruth Haven Court make life easier for both residents and their visiting families. Whether your family is local or a thousand miles away, the convenience and welcoming atmosphere in our community make Caruth Haven Court a fun place to visit. Each option offers the senior living community amenities proven to lower anxiety and promote healthy activity. Our resort lifestyle offers daily opportunities for residents to engage with the community and form new friendships. Our residential senior living options allow us to provide individualized care. If you’re looking into senior assisted living communities, Caruth Haven Court. We offer a sensible, organized, nurturing approach to retirement living by providing the care, services, freedom, and activities that residents need now or may need in the future. We specialize in offering peace of mind to residents and families.

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Residential senior living options ensure that every person in our community gets the care they need. Maybe you’re tired of cooking and cleaning or maybe you’re just a careful person who wants to take extra precautions to avoid a fall. Staying injury-free helps people stay healthier longer. We understand that choosing the right place for you or a loved one isn’t easy. There are many senior assisted living homes in Dallas to choose from, but our residents and families agree that Caruth Haven Court soars above the competition. Our facilities and amenities are welcoming, purposeful, and elegant. Our team members genuinely care about our residents, and they go out of their way to keep you happy and comfortable.

Contact Caruth Haven Court at 469.423.9186 to learn more about our exemplary assisted living options and schedule a tour today.