Incontinence refers to the inability to control bladder and bowel functions due to a variety of reasons. Continence management thus refers to a process where individuals with such conditions are assisted in a variety of ways to manage their bladder and bowel functions. At Caruth Haven Court, we have years of experience in this area, and our team members can support you or a loved one struggling with this problem.

About Our Continence Management for Senior Living

Continence management is primarily geared towards improving the quality of life of a loved one. Incontinence, whether bladder or bowel can be a major problem for a loved one. To make it worse, such problems are often coupled with a loss of mobility, which can lead to serious problems. Our continence management service is designed to eliminate all these problems.

Benefits of Having Continence Management in Your Senior Living Community

One of the ways in which incontinence manifests is an inability to hold back urine or bowel movements, hence forcing the affected individual to always rush to the toilet. This in turn leads to an increase in falls and hence exposing your loved one to even more risk of injury. With continence management in the context of an assisted living community, your loved one is spared such risks. By managing the problem, we also ensure that your loved one does not need to feel guilt or shame due to problems arising from incontinence.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

If your loved one is struggling with incontinence, it may be time to let professionals offer a helping hand. Caregivers may not always know what to do when offering help to such an individual. This is especially true if the caregiver is not a trained professional. This is a condition that exposes your loved one to guilt and shame, especially if such leakages take place in a family setting. When this happens, assisted living communities such as Caruth Haven Court, can help your loved one live a life of dignity. Our experts will have a wealth of experience and are able to apply this to help your loved one.

Why Choose Caruth Haven Court for Senior Living?

At Caruth Haven Court, we have everything it takes to help you or a loved one live a life of dignity and comfort. Our assisted living community is designed with you in mind to ensure that you will always feel at home here. Our residents enjoy fun-packed days as we have a full-time activities director and tons of things to do. You are also going to love the culinary experience at Caruth Haven Court with our amazing Sensations dining experience. Our rates are very competitive and we offer even more value to you through features such as our RentLock package. When you sign up for this, we guarantee that your rent will not change for the period that you will be in our community. This makes planning easier and ensures that you are in control of your finances.

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