I love how everyone has worked as a team during this unprecedented time of COVID. Thank you; it means the world that our parents are in a safe place. Your loving care, not just physically, but emotionally, means so much to my parents.

– Terri M.

I should mention that my Mom always says that the food at Caruth Haven is very good, and I’ve enjoyed many lunches and dinners there myself. Thank you, of course, to all the staff who keep the building clean and running well and to the nice folks who take care of all the laundry needs. I look forward to visiting again soon!

– Kathy B.

There are so many stars at Caruth Haven Court, from the hard-working kitchen staff to the dedicated servers who always makes me laugh. You deliver not only restaurant-quality meals, but you help make memories. There are the unsung heroes of Caruth Haven, who keep the place sparkling and well-maintained. There are also the angels who keep residents healthy and well. You all are special and play an integral part. “Thank you” is not enough, but I hope you know how appreciated and important you all are, even when it goes unspoken.

– Cheryl & Micki W.

Kudos and kind thanks for doing it all professionally and kindly. For taking such good care of my mom and managing her many medications. For submitting our monthly bill to my mom’s long-term care insurance every month without fail. And for managing all aspects of my mom’s care and making adjustments when we need them.

– Tracy M.

On behalf of my stepfather, we would like to thank everyone for all your superlative efforts during this entire COVID pandemic. We realize the extra work each caregiver has had to take care of our loved ones. Delivering meals to rooms, handling the small things family members usually provide, entertaining the residents on a daily basis, ensuring their safety from the virus, and arranging “window calls” for the families are just a few examples of the extra duty you have provided. We thank you all for everything you provide and continue to provide. Like the sign says out front of Caruth Haven Court, “We’re All in This Together.” This is so true these days, and we couldn’t have made it through this trying time without you. Thank you again for all that you provide for our loved ones.

– Dallas H.