One of the ways in which memory loss affects us is by creating barriers between ourselves and other people. As we struggle to remember names, faces, and other things that create our social bonds, we are effectively isolated from others and this, in turn, affects our ability to deal with stress and other life problems. Fortunately, one of the six elements of our SHINE® Memory Care program is superior communication. We focus on improving links between our residents and the society at large, thus removing the barriers that memory loss often creates in our lives.

About Our Superior Communication for Senior Living

When your loved one is part of our SHINE® Memory Care program, we encourage them not just to socialize but to also create a clear communication line with family and caregivers. These communication networks help to create bonds which in turn help to keep our loved ones engaged and their minds at work. This in turn slows down the effects of memory loss. The ultimate goal is to create a community that is built on trust. A community where our residents, our staff, and the wider community engage with each other on the basis of mutual trust and understanding.

Benefits of Having Superior Communication in Your Senior Living Community

When we help our residents improve their communication skills, one of the first benefits that they enjoy is the fact that their world suddenly widens. From the isolated islands that memory loss creates, our residents are able to create societal links that help to keep their minds active and widen their social circles. What is even better is that superior communication skills also help in creating a better-assisted living community due to mutual trust between residents, their families, and community staff.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

If your loved one is struggling to socialize, then it might be time to help them by signing them up for our SHINE® Memory Care program. Without social interaction, there is always the risk that our loved ones will be lonely or bored. These in turn lead to stress, which can affect their physical health. At our assisted living community, your loved one will not only meet new people but will have the communication skills necessary to expand their social circles.

Why Choose Caruth Haven Court for Senior Living?

When you come to  Caruth Haven Court, you can be sure of excellent services. Our staff is highly experienced and we are driven by a sense of care for our residents. Apart from helping you live a higher quality of life through services such as transfer assistance and medication management, you also get to enjoy our amazing culinary journey through our Sensations dining experience. We also take care of your housekeeping and laundry needs leaving you free to focus on the things that you enjoy. You can have complete peace of mind that at all times, our caring staff is always at hand to help with anything that you need. You will find  Caruth Haven Court comfortable, stylish, and a great place to be.

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